Geneva Motor Show: It’s got a whole lot of shakin’ going on!


As I’m sure you’ve seen the auto show at Geneva has been in full swing this week, and I have to say, the Swiss show does not disappoint. Has anyone else noticed that the European manufacturers generally save their interesting concepts and big announcements for the European shows? It makes sense, it’s their home territory after all.

All right, let’s hit this.

There was a lot of news on the supercar front and I could do an entire post just on them! 

Aston Martin announced the name of their AM-RB 001, The Valkyrie. Always with the V names, but if something works for you, you stick with it. Co-designed with Red Bull, which explains the RG in it’s code name, this performance vehicle won’t disappoint.


The Valkyrie. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get ‘shield maiden’ from this. Image rights. 

Aston Martin also announced a new performance sub-brand, AMR (Aston Martin Racing) at the show this week. It’s forebears are the Vantage DB8, and the newest iteration was unveiled at the show this week. For more info on the AMR racing line check out this article by the Telegraph.

Ferrari  unveiled the 812 Superfast this week, it’s a beautiful car. Exactly what you’ve come to expect from a Ferrari. The classic long, lean lines and the bright yellow badge. They also discussed the possibility of a new premium model to go alongside the California, the 488, the new models GTC4Lusso and 812 Superfast. Apparently their customers have been frustrated with long waiting lists and sold out models so Ferrari is toying with the idea of a new premium model to alongside the California, the 488, and the new models mentioned above. Time will tell.


Ferrari 812 Superfast here.Image rights.



812 Superfast interior shot. Image rights.

For you Lamborghini fans out there, the Huracan Performante has smashed the Nurburgring production car track record by 5.0 seconds! Beating out the Porsche 918 Spyder. Possibly old news for some, but, dang, is that impressive! I can’t be the only one who who likes it in that matte orange, right?


Matte paint jobs are always easy on the eyes. Hard to keep looking their best though. Image rights.


Oh, it looks great on that Italian countryside. Image rights.

And for pure kicks, have you heard about the Techrules Ren? This Chinese supercar company’s created the first patented diesel-fueled turbine-recharging (TREV) system. This custom TREV technology gives it an impressive  2.5 second 0-62mph and a top speed of 217 mph with a claimed fuel economy of 31.5mpg. If this car is the real deal, that is seriously impressive. I’m not particularly enamored with the three seat configuration or the two but that’s okay. I probably can’t afford one anyway. Scratch that, I know I can’t.


The Techrules Ren with  3, 1 and 2 seat options. Image rights.


That white pearl paint on it though. It looks clean. Image rights.

Okay, moving on.

I know the Volkswagen ID Buzz concept was released back at the Detroit Auto Show awhile a back, and apparently the microbus has gotten a thumbs up for production from Europe and the US but they’re waiting to get the green light from China before the ID Buzz could make it to production. This one has got to stoke the nostalgia factor in a lot of people. This is the closest a new microbus has gotten, it proves that the third time might just be the charm.


You can’t help but smile when you see a microbus. Image rights.


That steering ‘wheel’ is flat to the dash when not in use. Image rights. 

And wow. Have you seen Toyota’s electric city car concept, the i-TRIL? This single seat subcompact car has an interior you won’t be expecting, though their images do hint at it. It’s got this two-tone with blue accents look going on outside…


Then BAM! Magenta and a golden yellow on the inside, with a dark purple dash and what looks like a wooden or possibly bamboo floor. And get a load of that steering… Well, I hesitate to call it a steering wheel. It looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.


The more I look at it, the more it grows on me. And the more I am even more reminded of it looking a bit a jumping spider or a hermit crab.


Sorry, if you don’t like spiders. Image rights. 

With all theis amazing car news going on at the Geneva Motor Show I hope to one day make it there and see it all first hand. That’s the dream.




Paris Motor Show: Some More Concepts


Today I’d like to write a bit more about some discoveries from the Paris motor show. Unfortunately what caught my eye is, you guessed it, concept cars. So once again this post will feature cars that could never see the light of day. The last one was about concepts I like, however the first entry this time is about the concept I just didn’t like: the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV concept, as shown below.

Beauty or beast?

Beauty or beast?

What I dislike about this car is not the specs and tech with which it is equipped, they all sound great. However, my problem with is that I just can’t stand to look at it. The tall doors and tiny windows make it seem like the roof has been flattened by some kind of giant anvil and the face just reminds me of Johnny Bravo’s huge chin. In short, this Paris concept is no a beauty in my eyes.

Something that my eye did find pleasing was the news that AMG is planning to build a hypercar filled with all sort of technology from my favorite sport, Formula One. This R50 as it will probably be named will be a two-seater street legal car with all the power of F1 behind it. No official art of it yet, so you’ll have to do with this artist’s impression instead.

Not official, but looking good

Not official, but looking good

To make up for beginning my post on a negative note, I will end it with a concept that I liked, unlike that Mitsubishi mentioned earlier. To do that, we must look to Citroën who decided to show off their CXperience concept in their motherland first. The CXperience is meant to show off what the brand has in mind for their future aesthetics. Personally, if this is the way they’re heading then I like it. It looks slick, cool and aerodynamic so it certainly has my stamp of approval.

An XPerience I'd love to have

An XPerience I’d love to have

What are your thoughts about all the potential cars and concepts unveiled in Paris? Did they show your new dream car which you can’t wait to accessorize or modify? Or did you find a new car you just can’t wait to mock in person? Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments.


Paris Motor Show: Favorite Concepts


October is the month where car makers from all over the world head to Paris to unveil their new cars at the Paris Motor Show. The Motor show is still in full swing, so if you’re lucky and you are able to visit, I recommend you do so. Living across the pond, I have no such luck and have to settle with looking at pictures online. Which I did extensively, of course. Which is why I would like to dedicate this week’s post to list some of my favorite concept cars unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Just a small note before beginning: these concepts are listed in no particular order.

First up: The Renault Trezor

The Renault Trezor and its open "cockpit"

The Renault Trezor and its open “cockpit”

If I had to summarize this car in one word it would be: unusual. Carmakers use concepts to show where they believe their cars are heading in the future and to push the boundaries in a way they can’t in cars meant for mass-production. The Renault designers certainly took advantage of this possibility as the Trezor is unlike anything one might find on the road today, especially with its cockpit-like door design.

Hyundai RN30

RN30 Concept

RN30 Concept

Another one who pushed boundaries, albeit different ones, are Hyundai with their RN30 concept. This hot hatch is more than that, it’s basically a fully equipped racing car that is raring to go and not afraid to show it, as evidenced by its aggressive looks and giant roof spoiler.

A True Vision

The name is quite the mouthful, as is the car

The name is quite the mouthful, as is the car

Most of you will know that any concept bearing the name Vision, comes from Mercedes and you are right. Mercedes showed the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 at Paris. This is not the first time it has made an appearance; it was first unveiled at Pebble Beach and I’ve written about how much I like it before.

I.D.entity crisis

Trying to make it right with a new I.D.

Trying to make it right with a new I.D.

We all know that Volkswagen’s reputation has been dragged through the mud lately. Partially as a response to that, VW announced plans to go all electric in the future. Their Volkswagen I.D. concept is a sign of that. The company claims this electric car will be a huge game changer to rival Tesla and the likes. More in-depth information about it can be found here, though nothing is known about the battery or the charging process.


These were some of the concept cars unveiled at Paris which struck me. Are there any concepts you particularly like or would love to see come true? Let me know in the comments!