Paris Motor Show: Some More Concepts


Today I’d like to write a bit more about some discoveries from the Paris motor show. Unfortunately what caught my eye is, you guessed it, concept cars. So once again this post will feature cars that could never see the light of day. The last one was about concepts I like, however the first entry this time is about the concept I just didn’t like: the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV concept, as shown below.

Beauty or beast?

Beauty or beast?

What I dislike about this car is not the specs and tech with which it is equipped, they all sound great. However, my problem with is that I just can’t stand to look at it. The tall doors and tiny windows make it seem like the roof has been flattened by some kind of giant anvil and the face just reminds me of Johnny Bravo’s huge chin. In short, this Paris concept is no a beauty in my eyes.

Something that my eye did find pleasing was the news that AMG is planning to build a hypercar filled with all sort of technology from my favorite sport, Formula One. This R50 as it will probably be named will be a two-seater street legal car with all the power of F1 behind it. No official art of it yet, so you’ll have to do with this artist’s impression instead.

Not official, but looking good

Not official, but looking good

To make up for beginning my post on a negative note, I will end it with a concept that I liked, unlike that Mitsubishi mentioned earlier. To do that, we must look to Citroën who decided to show off their CXperience concept in their motherland first. The CXperience is meant to show off what the brand has in mind for their future aesthetics. Personally, if this is the way they’re heading then I like it. It looks slick, cool and aerodynamic so it certainly has my stamp of approval.

An XPerience I'd love to have

An XPerience I’d love to have

What are your thoughts about all the potential cars and concepts unveiled in Paris? Did they show your new dream car which you can’t wait to accessorize or modify? Or did you find a new car you just can’t wait to mock in person? Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments.



One thought on “Paris Motor Show: Some More Concepts

  1. TiagaBoy

    YES there is a whole sweet world of analogies we can use to describe the ugly face of that Mitsu. All the cars Mitsubishi used to make were cool, but now they’re just big nasty ‘hybrid’ SUVs. The AMG looks about as real as the bogeyman, but the Citroen looks pretty nice. And, knowing them, they might even go so far as to actually PUT IT IN PRODUCTION. Now, imagine that?


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