Paris Motor Show: Favorite Concepts


October is the month where car makers from all over the world head to Paris to unveil their new cars at the Paris Motor Show. The Motor show is still in full swing, so if you’re lucky and you are able to visit, I recommend you do so. Living across the pond, I have no such luck and have to settle with looking at pictures online. Which I did extensively, of course. Which is why I would like to dedicate this week’s post to list some of my favorite concept cars unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Just a small note before beginning: these concepts are listed in no particular order.

First up: The Renault Trezor

The Renault Trezor and its open "cockpit"

The Renault Trezor and its open “cockpit”

If I had to summarize this car in one word it would be: unusual. Carmakers use concepts to show where they believe their cars are heading in the future and to push the boundaries in a way they can’t in cars meant for mass-production. The Renault designers certainly took advantage of this possibility as the Trezor is unlike anything one might find on the road today, especially with its cockpit-like door design.

Hyundai RN30

RN30 Concept

RN30 Concept

Another one who pushed boundaries, albeit different ones, are Hyundai with their RN30 concept. This hot hatch is more than that, it’s basically a fully equipped racing car that is raring to go and not afraid to show it, as evidenced by its aggressive looks and giant roof spoiler.

A True Vision

The name is quite the mouthful, as is the car

The name is quite the mouthful, as is the car

Most of you will know that any concept bearing the name Vision, comes from Mercedes and you are right. Mercedes showed the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 at Paris. This is not the first time it has made an appearance; it was first unveiled at Pebble Beach and I’ve written about how much I like it before.

I.D.entity crisis

Trying to make it right with a new I.D.

Trying to make it right with a new I.D.

We all know that Volkswagen’s reputation has been dragged through the mud lately. Partially as a response to that, VW announced plans to go all electric in the future. Their Volkswagen I.D. concept is a sign of that. The company claims this electric car will be a huge game changer to rival Tesla and the likes. More in-depth information about it can be found here, though nothing is known about the battery or the charging process.


These were some of the concept cars unveiled at Paris which struck me. Are there any concepts you particularly like or would love to see come true? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Paris Motor Show: Favorite Concepts

  1. TiagaBoy

    Can’t wait for the Volkswagen!! It’s a shame VW’s reputation has gone down hill lately, but I can’t think of one bad VW.


    • Of all the concepts revealed at Paris, the VW is probably my second favorite. i only like the Trezor better, but that one will never be seen on the road. But I look forward to seeing that ID in the future.


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