Hearse to heaven


Due to a lack of time this week, this post will be a short one. But that may be for the best considering the topic: funerals. Now you may wonder what funerals have to do with cars. Well, let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time in the not at all distant past, in a land close to you a very rich old man who just died. How did he die? Probably a heart attack, or maybe he crashed your expensive supercar. The how isn’t relevant, what happens after is: the funeral.

Because he was rich, he was used to having all the best stuff and to be surrounded by luxury. So when the time comes for his funeral, he probably doesn’t want to be driven around in some stupid car that has carried numerous others to their grave. No, he wants something special, something that just screams “rich dude inside”, something that knows the road to heaven. Enter the Italian Ellena autotrasformazioni srl.

This Italian constructor builds luxury hearses so the wealthy can travel to their funeral in style. Their latest project meant converting none other than the Maserati Ghibli into a hearse that looks fit to take you directly to the pearly gates of heaven. Fancy, isn’t it? Perfect for our guy

The Fancy hearse you always dreamed of

The Fancy hearse you always dreamed of

Well, that’s the end of the story. Would you want to take your last journey in style too? Or will a regular hearse, which may or may not take you to heaven do?

The Hearse to Heaven

The Hearse to Heaven

P.S. The rich guy could have avoided dying if he’d only had a pet barrier in his car, to keep his luggage from hitting him when he crashed.


17 thoughts on “Hearse to heaven

  1. taigaboy

    Wow, I never knew you could get a pretty hearse. The Maserati is an extremely classy car, let alone with an interior like a stretched hearse-ozine.


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