Relaxing Drive: Ford Model A

Ford Model A Tudor

Ford Model A Tudor

This past weekend I had the good fortune to get a ride in a classic Ford Model A Phaeton. I didn’t do the driving myself as I wouldn’t even know where to start. I can’t even drive a modern stick, let alone one that’s nearly a century old. I like cars and all, but I’m not a massive petrol head with all the technical knowledge and experience so I had to settle for being driven around.

The thing I will remember most from this drive is the wonderful sound of the engine. Modern cars these days do their very best to block out most of the sound that they make, which is a big shame. Or maybe not, seeing as their sound must be pitiful compared the glorious roar of old engines. Like comparing a kitten’s mewing with a lion’s almighty roar.

What threw me off guard a bit was how comfortable I was during

Ford Model A Phaeton. Trust me, the doors are smaller than they look.

Ford Model A Phaeton, the door are smaller than they look

the ride. Sure, I had some trouble getting my legs in the Ford (I’m fairly tall and the doors are pretty small) but once seated it felt like I was sitting on a regular couch. I had never expected to sit so comfortably in a classic car. And it was comfy, more so than any car I have sat in from the past century. In any modern car, after a while you get sore and have to shift around a bit to find a better position. This was not the case with the Model A. Or maybe I was just too mesmerized by the whole experience to notice it.

Of course comfort is one thing, but safety that a whole different story. For one, naturally, the Model A Phaeton was not equipped with seat belts or air bags or any of those other modern gadgets. And because there’s no trunk in the back, you won’t have to install a pet barrier to avoid worrying about unsecured cargo. Instead you’ll be wondering whether you sufficiently tightened the straps holding your luggage on the rear platform.

Trunk? Nope, just a platform on the back

Trunk? Nope, just a platform on the back

Regardless of safety, I had a great time riding around in this awesome Ford Model A. I can’t wait till a next time. What about you have you ever driven a classic car? Is there one in particular you’d want to drive?


9 thoughts on “Relaxing Drive: Ford Model A

  1. taigaboy

    Ah yes, this thing looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to ride around in some veteran car like that. Maybe a Bentley 4.5 Litre?? The oldest car I’ve been driven in is my Saab 96, named Kermit, which is from 1967. It looked different when it was new, but it’s so noisy and unique pretty much everyone takes a good look at it!


  2. It would be very interesting to do a Ford A vs Tesla Model X. Just for the fun of it. I would have loved to be driven along in one. The oldest car I have been in is from 1955. It was extremely uncomfortable.

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    • It would be very interesting, but the outcome won’t be very surprising 😉 1955 is already quite old these days, and the lack of comfort is not surprising to me, that’s why the Ford A just totally caught me off guard with how comfy it was. It’s just not something you expect from the old days, guess I was wrong.

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