The Fly-Fishing Car

Bentley, maker of luxury cars

Bentley, maker of luxury cars

We all know that Bentley produces luxury cars that are meant for a certain, wealthy audience. However, with their newest Bentayga, Bentley are targeting an even smaller audience: fly fishers.

You might ask yourself, why fly fishers? Well it turns out this a sport practiced by a lot of very wealthy people. Who knew, right? So they are exactly the kind of people who have the means to buy such a ridiculously expensive car for their fishing trips.

So how is this Bentayga different form the usual one?  For one it comes with a fully-equipped tackle box. This box contains everything for your fishing needs, from hooks to flies. The Fly-fishing Bentley also has tubes to house your fishing rods, a

A view of the Fly fishing Bentayga's trunk

A view of the Fly fishing Bentayga’s trunk

refreshment case with china for your food and drinks in case you decide to have a picnic and a storage box for your boots and wading gear in the trunk. All of this is, of course, covered with quality finishes in leather or walnut.

And to keep it all looking good and in the best condition, Bentley and designer Mulliner made sure the floor is waterproof. They also equipped this fly-fishers’ car with an electronic dehumidifier to help avoid some nasty smells.

Bentley Bentayga Fly-fisher

Bentley Bentayga Fly-fisher

I don’t know how much this fly-fishing car will cost, but I’m pretty sure it will come with quite a price tag. But if you’re rich and into fly fishing, this is without a doubt the perfect car for you.


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