Reflections on the future: Car mirrors


I’ve written about advancements in cars before when I wrote several posts about futuristic concept cars from the BMW Group. However, today I want to talk about something that will be changing on cars in the nearer future. But don’t fear, this is not yet another article about self-driving cars. Instead I’ll be reflecting on the future of car mirrors.

Car mirrors- soon to be extinct?

Car mirrors- soon to be extinct?


These are a small, but significant part of any car (and bikes, trucks etc.) that often gets overlooked. However, with recent advancements in technology car mirrors will be replaced all together. Instead car manufacturers will be likely be equipping their new models with cameras.  Already Japan will be allowing the use of these cameras.

And they’re right to do so. Cameras hold some advantages over mirrors. For one, they make the car more aerodynamic. And with

side camera’s, gone are the days that your mirrors get knocked off or stolen. The images from the cameras would be shown together on a display inside the car, so drivers will also have a

BMW i8 without mirrors

BMW i8 without mirrors

better overview of their surroundings in one place. Already some manufacturers are working on this. BMW has the i8 concept where they also added a camera below the rear windshield to give a full picture of what’s outside the car.

Drivers will probably need some time to get used to this new concept of car camera mirrors. Not only will we need to change our driving habits – looking at a display instead of looking at each mirror in turn. But we will also need to get used to cars being just that bit slimmer than we are used to. Even non-drivers will have to adjust to this new sight. But cars will be just this bit safer again because of it.

And if you want to make your car safer today, you might want to install a pet barrier.


12 thoughts on “Reflections on the future: Car mirrors

  1. When I was first learning to drive, my dad thought me that the widest part of any vehicle is its side mirrors. But he also taught me how to drive it, not let the car drive me. It’s interesting to think about the paradigm shift that’s happening right now in technology. By the time our kids are teaching their own children, anyone alive from our generation won’t recognize the world they live in


    • A lot of things are changing or will probably be changing in the near future. But this paradigm shift has been happening longer than that I think, even my great-grandparents already wouldn’t recognize today’s modern world with all these computers and mobile devices and such. But you’re right, the world will be changing even more soon and a lot of that will be because of the change from cars as we know them now to greener, autonomous cars. This will have a huge effect on our infrastructure, society and way of life. I’m really curious how this might all change, though I might not embrace all the changes.


  2. Since most people are probably using their side mirrors improperly anyway (can you see your car in your mirror?), this can only help. I’ve often wondered why this isn’t making more an appearance than it has — especially when I see the blind spot detector come on someone else’s vehicle mirror. This bit of kit wouldn’t be necessary if people actually used their side mirrors properly. (As an aside when possible, I always note their position relative to my car when their blind spot detector goes off… it’s sometimes interesting).

    And ultimately, it probably won’t change much: people don’t look before changing lanes now, and they likely won’t look before changing lanes when there are cameras instead of the mirrors. All the tech (low to high) in the world won’t make someone a good driver; the failure’s in the meat.


  3. I may be old-fashioned, but I m not a big fan of sensor technology. Just something else to go wrong that will be expensive to fix. A low-tech mirror is fine if people actually take the time and position it properly, then look at it.


    • I definitely understand what you’re coming from when saying that this is just another piece of tech that can break down and leave you hanging. However,in this case I do see the benefit because in a conventional mirror there is always a blind spot while this technology can eliminate that.


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