Close to home: Canadian Grand Prix


We’re nearing the middle of June and that means only one thing: The Canadian Grand Prix is coming soon. And as I have mentioned, I have a soft spot for Formula 1. Tomorrow sees the beginning of the practice sessions and Sunday the race itself will start. This race is the seventh of the 2016 season and it has been held in Montréal’s Île de Notre Dame since 1978.

Map of the Canadian Grand Prix track layout

The layout of the Canadian Grand Prix track

So far this year we have seen some nice actions and surprising winners, such as Max Verstappen’s Red Bull debut in Spain. But mostly Mercedes has dominated. As Lewis Hamilton has won the Canadian Grand Prix several times in the past, I’m curious to see what he will do this year.

However, even if he does well in qualifying a win is not guaranteed in Canada. The Montréal’s Grand Prix track gives several good opportunities for overtaking after all. And of course, let’s not forget the infamous Wall of Champions that has taken out even some of the best drivers, such as Michael Schumacher.

Regardless of what happens, I will be glued to my screen watching the race unfold and enjoying every minute of it. It is one of my favorite tracks, after number one Spa-Francorchamps. Of course I’m a bit prejudiced as it is also close to home for. All relative of course, Montréal is still hundreds of miles from my hometown Chicago, but the Canadian Grand Prix is still closer than the GP of the Americas in Austin. I just can’t wait for it!

What about you guys, is there a particular race you really look forward to? And why? Let me know in the comments.


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