New Top Gear Trailer: car shopping

LeBlanc, Evans and the Stig

New presenters Evans and LeBlanc with The Stig

I’m sure it won’t come as news to any of you that the old Top Gear presenters, Clarkson, Hammond and May, have been replaced. Taking over for them in the new season will be the British Chris Evans and American Matt LeBlanc and several others. To make the viewers more familiar with all the new faces, the BBC has released several teaser trailers.

All these trailers are not a wasted effort as viewers need convincing that the new season will be worth watching. Some have already vowed never to watch the show again without the old trio. Others on the other hand might watch it, but already know that it can never be as good.

To convince them otherwise, viewers have been almost inundated with short clips showcasing what the latest season will bring. The new Top Gear trailer is proof that at least humor won’t be missing. It shows exactly what a quiet day at the Top Gear office looks like. With vehicles never far from their minds, the boys are looking for cars. Or should we say a date? One thing is obvious: LeBlanc still hasn’t familiarized himself with British geography. See for yourself and let me know whether you think the new guys will make it work.


6 thoughts on “New Top Gear Trailer: car shopping

  1. taigaboy

    Nice Info – I saw this late after Chris Evans quit. To be honest, I’m glad, he was annoying me and the whole thing was really tedious. I agree with the people that call it Flop Gear!!


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